Sunday, August 21, 2011

Camellia - 4 Stills and Opinions Out There

So, I have 4 stills not previously seen on my blog, taken from Five Star Movie through its Facebook page. I read some place that each segment is 45 minutes, so that's a nice treat. Unless they are boring.

I also read a few random reviews on the film and it seems it's not as artsy as I was afraid of, but also possibly not as good as I had hoped. That is, in the opinion of some movie critics, at least. So, I'll refrain from judgement for now. I mean, everyone hated Phantoms and it's one of my most beloved horror movies.

What I mean is, don't take the critics' or my word for it. If you find the movie interesting, then watch the thing and judge for yourselves. When we can finally get our hands on it, since it sure has taken its sweet time...

Here are the pictures and some general common elements I picked up from the reviews.

Kamome1 Kamome2

Love For Sale Iron Pussy

Kamome is the most liked of them, as far as saying something meaningful goes. According to these guys, although predictable (seagul-turned-human, I'm sure), it actually has something nice to say. Which is good if it's true and if these guys' definition of "meaning" is not the artsy kind I hate. Of course, Kamome is the least visually impressive of these as let's face it, it's 2 people walking around mostly empty streets at night for the entire 45 minutes of it.

Iron Pussy is starting to look as epic as I imagine it. They say the humor is there and that it stays true to the original shorts. Had no idea they exist and now I want em!!! One of the reviewers described Iron Pussy as " of the world's homeliest drag queens" and the promise of quirky fun done in style gets me psyched. I hope it lives up to my wishes as I've seen enough great "drag works" to have high expectations.

Love for Sale was the least favorite for most of these critics, as they say it lacks meaning and is basically full of emo brooding, violence and eye make-up. Hmmm, call me weird, but those sound fine to me. A hot guy rampaging through the town, killing people off in violent ways for stealing his memories of love (à la Strange Days) and getting his own ass kicked in the process? Hell, I got no beef with that. Sucks that it's over-emo and doesn't have much but style to offer, but hey, at least my nerdy fondness for bloodthirsty violence and sci-fi goodness will be pleased.

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