Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Camellia - Two "Light" Stills

Mainly light in the head.

We have Yoshitaka, extinguishing any doubts that Kamome is in fact a seagull, by attempting to fly. Then again, if I had 3 bottles of soju, I guess I'd be "flying" too.

And then we have the make-up couple, twisting the knife in the wound by showing us "the happy times", when we know everything goes ti.. belly up eventually.

Pictures taken from the Five Star Movie Facebook page.

I also just had a scary thought. Unless this movie is released on DVD in South Korea, I can't see it. I am not going anywhere near a japanese or thai dub, or any dub for that matter. So, unless it's out in South Korea with english subtitles, I can't watch it. O_O What a scary thought...

Yoshitaka Yuriko
Kang Dong Won and Song Hye Kyo

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Camellia - MV

So here's an official MV from Camellia. And if you will now excuse me, I need to go faint. Had a nice day and seeing new footage of my current celebrity crush being so gorgeous is too much.

There's still some dubbing in the beginning, so bear with it.

The song is apparently called "We as One" and sang by the Iron Pussy characters at some point. Lovely romantic oldies-style song. Or maybe it is an oldie? No idea.

The Crucible - Added New Trailer

I added a new trailer for The Crucible in my post Korean Movies 2011 - What Caught My Eye (Part 2). And my, does it look heart-wrenchingly good! I'll say it again, that you can't pick a better guy for the part than Gong Yoo. The kindness that man can show with one look is amazing. He's one of those people that can somehow flood you with emotion, without changing their facial expressions to the point of overdoing it. His acting is subtle, powerful, wonderful.

The movie is a true story on child abuse at a school for the deaf.

Also, in case you don't know, South Korea has the best child actors you can find in decent cinema. I've seen kids that mop the floor with even their talented adult co-stars. I don't know if the kids know how awesome they are and do it actively or if they are just guided very well into their performance by the makers, but they simply rock. So, very looking forward to seeing what the kids here can do with such a heavy movie.

Here is the trailer then, in case you don't want to go and find my other post for it, you lazy... :P And there's the 30s trailer, for those who read so far, which also rocks. I put that first here, since it's shorter.

Videos from HanCinema


Friday, August 26, 2011

Camellia - Stills From The Official Website

The website is being updated right now, with more basic info on the movie and some screenshots in the background. So, here they all are. I'll keep an eye out for more of them.

Click for full quality.

LFS Dong Won LFS Hye Kyo

K Yoshitaka K Kyung Gu

Kang Dong Won - Some Nice Quality Photos

Here are some nice quality pictures of Kang Dong Won. I might post specific photoshoots or themes together, but these are random. These are the best quality I could find (of these specific photos) and if any watermarks are present, I apologize. They annoy me too, given it is the photographers, magazines and such which hold the rights, rather than the fans who provide them.

I will post more recent stuff at some point, but he has been terribly skinny and not at his best over the last few years. If I thought he's the kind who gives a damn about pleasing fangirls, I'd say he became like a stick to please them, but then he'd have gained muscle and worked out a bit.

He doesn't seem the work out type though, besides playing soccer (he's said it himself). And he's not the fangirl pleasing type either, as far as I've seen. So his weight loss worries me. I'm hoping he was just too busy to mind his diet and simply lost weight without noticing. Also hoping the army will feed him a bit and get some meat back on those lovely bones. Best of luck with his health and service.

Click on the images for the full picture.

Kang Dong Won 1 Kang Dong Won 2

Kang Dong Won 3 Kang Dong Won 4

Kang Dong Won 5Kang Dong Won 6

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Camellia - Checked Shirt Couple and Watermarks

Let's go to the first part of this post before ending with a small complaint of mine and then my comment on the picture. I am trying to tone down the negative energy lately so you'll have happy happy posts from now on and for a while... Mainly...

So, here's another picture of this nice Camellia couple from the "Love for Sale" segment. If you don't know about Camellia, click on a tag and find out.

Also click on the picture for full size, like most pictures in this blog are given.

Camellia Couple

This picture was taken from this fansite.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Myeong Wol "Scandal" - A Promise is a Promise

Some of you may know of the Myeong Wol "scandal" that's been happening lately. Actress Han Ye Seul up and left the filming of the series Spy Myeong Wol, saying it got too hard for her, before returning to film the show till the end, after being treated like a tramp by mostly everyone (in her own country). And since everyone has been so eager to drag her face through the mud from their high horses, let me unleash some Hell on those people. I'm not talking about netizens or reporters. They are both the scum of the Earth and worth less of my time than that piece of dust that is sitting on the edge of my mousepad and which should be cleaned. I'm talking about people like her, using the situation to show off their holier-than-thou delusions of grandeur.

I would love to talk about the cruel working conditions and schedules of live filming in South Korea. I would also love to talk about peer abuse, the lack of respect for artists, the dark world of power games and all those things happening backstage. However, those issues are so big that this post would be even bigger than what I already intend it to be. Some of those issues I will talk about at some point, or maybe in small separate posts, like this.

For now, let me say this. Whatever the reasons why Han Ye Seul behaved so "unprofessionally" (replace that with "left to save her life and sanity"), most people seemed eager to turn her into a witch and ignore the big elephant in the room.

An actor gets depressed and dies because of the pressure and they are a tragic figure with depression. An actor is killed in a car accident, because of fatigue or racing to the set to keep up with filming, and it's an unfortunate accident. A girl hangs herself because of being sexually abused to be given roles in works and she "had issues". An actor ends up on an IV drip to finish the series and they are "hard workers". There is always some magical, unfortunate, different reason for why these things happen and the common denominator is also magically overlooked.

But like I said, I won't get too deep into this now. What I want to comment on right now, is the hypocrisy of the people who should understand what actors (and yes, crew and writers too) have to face in this country and industry, being either part of it or claiming to be interested in it. The people who should at least acknowledge the elephant in the room, but chose to just promote their self-righteousness in favor of being "decent". These are reporters, other celebrities and a looot of netizens who speak before they think and definitely before they feel. Of course, agencies and stations too, but those are expected to be cruel dicks.

Camellia - Kiss and Netizen Wisdom

Am I being too much of a bitch whiner lately? I am, aren't I? Well, it's the price of being in the mood to talk a lot. I'll talk a lot about things I like, but also things I dislike. Yet another awesome article containing netizen wisdom is out, this time about the kissing in Camellia. Kang Dong Won's and Song Hye Kyo's segment, of course. Here's a picture, which seems to miss the more intimate kissing shown in the trailer, but I guess the minds of "innocent" teens would explode with that.

Camellia Kiss

According to the article, netizens say "It's like you're doing it for real!", "I feel my heart thump just from the pictures", "What movie has this many kiss scenes? I'm jealous!".

Singer Sen - Lovely Music

Although I have no favorite music, movies, games etc, since I love too many and they also vary quite a lot sometimes, some things are just too nice not to obsess over. And boy, do I obsess over music as well. I have been known to play a single song on loop, for over 6 hours a day and for several days. I just "click" with some works and can't get enough of them. In the same way I can watch a movie 60+ times within 2-3 months (like Detroit Metal City back in 2009). Nerds will be nerds.

So, a classmate of mine from the Japanese language course (bless him and his mp3 player) introduced me to the first song of the three bellow. He was browsing through the songs on his player for me and another classmate. I didn't realize is was love at first play with this piece, but I had to note down the artist and title to check it out when I got back home.

It's been pretty much all I've been listening to for the last few days, along with the second song here. Now, I don't really connect with some of her other songs, but if someone has to "fall for" a song to like it, they will never like absolutely everything by any given artist.

One thing is for sure. I love these pieces (the third one is a bit cheekier in style), love her voice and style and can't wait to hear more from this lady.

Her album is on sale through iTunes and can also be found on places like YesAsia. Also, here is her MySpace page.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Camellia - Another Batch of Stills

Stills till I drop! These are also from Five Star Movie. Wish I could read thai right about now, but there's info on the movie, cast and some trivia at the end, I think. But here they all are, in sequence, sort of. I think... At least the Past, Present and Future ones. Damn these language barriers! XD

My second favorite would have to be the first from Iron Pussy. I just love the fangirl hug Iron Pussy is giving him. Head to chest, hands on waist, near certain grope-able areas. Awww.

And it's only second favorite cause of you-know-who. Hey, I'm not gonna start screaming "Kyaaaa, oppaaaaa!", but enjoying his nice long arms, beautiful shoulders and back, big manly hands, captivating eyes.... Sorry, what was I saying again?

Camellia 1 Camellia 2
Camellia 3 Camellia 4
Camellia 5 Camellia 6
Camellia 7 Camellia 8
Camellia 9

Sunday, August 21, 2011

How To Further Distort Reality For Kyaagirls

There is this line between reality and fiction. For many people, (anyone with half a brain, basically), this line is clear. Even if you choose to forget about it for a bit, for the sake of daydreaming, enjoying a movie, a series, a game, it's still there when the immersion period is over.

The problem with kyaagirls/kyaaboys (since this fandom seems female-dominated, I will use kyaagirls here) and fanatics in general is that this line is constantly blurred to bits. Unlike normal fangirls and fans, kyaagirls often can't tell reality from fiction. They believe their object of horniness "affection" is what they project in interviews, or even more absurdly, what the character they are portraying in a given work is.

Now, you'd think that the ones responsible for properly educating these girls would do something to help with this obsession that is bordering on mental illness, often crossing that border. You'd think that if you were naive. Unfortunately, the reality of things is not as nice. And let's focus on S.Korea for a bit. A good place to study this, as kyaagirls there seem to be among the most obsessed and ill fanatics I've heard of and this is a blog mainly on Korean entertainment.

The celebrity industry, because this is an industry, is so greedy that it's no wonder that line has been eradicated. These people run a big fat Delusion Cow they will milk for every drop. They make it their business to perpetuate the illusion of intimacy these girls have, just to make more money out of their psychological, mental and emotional shortcomings.

Not Sure Meme

Camellia - 4 Stills and Opinions Out There

So, I have 4 stills not previously seen on my blog, taken from Five Star Movie through its Facebook page. I read some place that each segment is 45 minutes, so that's a nice treat. Unless they are boring.

I also read a few random reviews on the film and it seems it's not as artsy as I was afraid of, but also possibly not as good as I had hoped. That is, in the opinion of some movie critics, at least. So, I'll refrain from judgement for now. I mean, everyone hated Phantoms and it's one of my most beloved horror movies.

What I mean is, don't take the critics' or my word for it. If you find the movie interesting, then watch the thing and judge for yourselves. When we can finally get our hands on it, since it sure has taken its sweet time...

Here are the pictures and some general common elements I picked up from the reviews.

Kamome1 Kamome2

Love For Sale Iron Pussy

Korean Movies 2011 - What Caught My Eye (Part 3)

This is a continuation of Korean Movies 2011 - What Caught My Eye (Part 1) and Korean Movies 2011 - What Caught My Eye (Part 2).


Korean Movies 2011 - What Caught My Eye (Part 2)

Ok, so some of these are already out and some aren't, but I've only seen Head so far. This is a continuation of Korean Movies 2011 - What Caught My Eye (Part 1) and it will be divided into two posts for convenience.So, here's my hopes for these films, and my short opinion on Head.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Camellia - New Trailer Out!

Brace yourselves... This is dubbed. I suggest just turning off the sound for it because it's horrible, but we got so many scenes showing. My comments after the link and Iron Pussy segment stills following. Of course there would be!

Funny how I was saying, just last night on my Camellia - Some Stills from "Love for Sale" post that Kang Dong Won's character must have done something preeetty bad for him to get so much Hell for. Well, I was right... KILL HIM!!! I honestly don't blame the woman for anything she does to him now. Story aside, the actors look adorable together and the couple seems so lovey dovey. I like when a couple feels natural. Kdramas create a whole other reality where the couple seems too restrained and as if acting on cue. Also, will you look at that. A kiss. And another! A rarity from Kang Dong Won. If translations were right, he said he hates romance. With what most kdramas have come to, can't blame the man. I guess he hates the conventional one, since there has been some romance or other in some of his movies and series.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Camellia - Some Stills From "Love for Sale"

Why only from this segment? Because I bookmarked many a gallery for Kang Dong Won, but not for the other actors. So, his fans post things that include him and nothing else (most of the time). I'd love to see more stills from the other two segments, especially my most beloved Iron Pussy, but I can't find that many. I'm sure I'll get them all when the movie is out in Japan, this October. Until then, here are some stills and my comments on them, if anyone gives a damn about those. I wouldn't. :P Not if someone gave me pictures of Kang Dong Won to drool over.

Click on the pictures for bigger versions.

Poster 1 Poster 2

Two of the posters. As much as Dong Won's about-to-fall-asleep or mind-shutting-off face cracks me up, there is no Iron Pussy in this second poster. I'll take the first one. There is no Camellia without Iron Pussy.

Friday, August 12, 2011

God's Quiz 2 Subbing Start Made!

Good news! It's still going slow, but good news. So season 2 is getting a start in subtitling, over at DSS. For those who don't know a thing about this show, click on a "God's Quiz" tag above or on "The Useful Things" on the right side of the page and see what I've written about it, if you like.

So, the first two episodes are up for translation from chinese subs. Going very slow compared to popular shows, as there is not a big croud into subbing this, but it's a start. And if DarkSmurf's transcribing* projects work out, Season 1 would come soon as well.

If anyone is interested in joining the translation/subbing for it, DarkSmurfSub is the place to do it. It will be slow, but hopefully more people will hear of it and want to help. This is a really nice show for its genre and it's something different from what makes S.Korean dramas known. Romance and silliness or romance and tragedy. This is fresh and it works.

Without further ado, here is the English Subtitles page for it on DarkSmurfSub.

We're slowly getting there, people! ^^ Here's a happy pic to match the mood!


Note: Transcribing the subtitles means that images of the subtitled lines from the episodes are added as screenshots. The subbers see the lines and type them in text (not image) form for the translators to work based on those. Why the hard way? No programs to fully support Chinese language to make it easier.

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