Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Long Line To The Padded Palace

I will be talking more about this in a short while, but just as a little preview of the insanity I will be criticizing here. I will insult people and I will be called a forbidden_word for it, but unlike them, I don't look at the world through rose tinted glasses (at least 24/7) and agree with the flock just because it's "nice". Because if certain things were taken out of their "acceptable" context, they would show themselves for how serious they really are.

An article just popped up on Nate and then Hancinema. It is the reason I am writing this post, as well as being that "teaser" for what's to come soon.

Kang Dong-won's subway picture is also "God"

Kang Dong-won's ID picture is attracting netizens.

A picture of Kang Dong-won on an online community site looks feeble as the background lacks lighting and uncorrected, with a whitish glint but he still looks like the name "God" belongs to him.

His features are still obvious even without the lights. His messy and short hairstyle actually makes him look better although he didn't have make up.

Those who have seen this picture are liberal saying, "His significance is different".

Meanwhile, Kang Dong-won is an active public service soldier.

The article on Hancinema

The original one on Nate

So, what is the healthiest way of dealing with some celebrity you "admire" going into the army? Find his subway ID photo, which I am sure is as illegal there as it would be in most countries, and post it online. Then say he is a "God", like you say for everyone else you happen to have a celebrity crush on at the time, and act like seeing the man look fine without make-up is an epiphany... Oops. Tough word for people like you, I know. Google it.

If this were not that "acceptable" context we were talking about, these people would be given a private suite at the nearest 5-star funny farm. And I am tempted to give you my entire "mean western bitch" mind right now, but I will save it for later. I have plenty of things to say. Which I am sure will get me an appropriate amount of Hell, yes. But as I said, I actually feel it is right. I actually want to protect the rights of people I consider talented and/or admirable instead of just treating them like a glorified blow up doll and circus dog. What a curiosity I am...

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