Thursday, July 21, 2011

Gantz Movie I - Oh Dear

I haven't had such an exhilarating movie experience in a while. Ok, Duelist doesn't count. I react that way every time. XD I will speak more about this in the future and might do a review (quite possible), but that was just a kick ass movie. Good, twisted, gruesome BIG action movie.

I have not read the manga or seen the anime for it and as an unbiased viewer, I friggin' loved it. My heart was racing for quite a few minutes after it was done and I did not even realize I was hungry and had to go to the ladies' because I was so caught up in it. Plus, my mother starved because I was supposed to cook. XD Sorry, mom. I made up for it by making the food lovely though. :P

I have drifted away from japanese entertainment a bit, since the last "serious" series I watched, as well as a couple of movies I thought would be good, sucked. That would be Sunao ni Narenakute and Kamui as the biggest losers, by the way.

But this made up for it bigtime! I don't know how fans of the manga and anime feel, but if they have issues with it, honestly, get over it. It's a movie. An entirely different medium. For a movie of its kind, it was absolutely spot on and more.

I got no beef with people not liking it as a movie (tastes differ), but don't cry and moan because it isn't like the original(s). And this is general talk about such works. Not just about Gantz, specifically. Like I said, don't know how fans feel about it.

So, thanks for an awesome ride which I will be repeating till my little nerd brain explodes. I will probably watch it again in a couple of hours. And again and again and again AND AGAIIIN!

I even liked Yoshitaka in this and I didn't think that would happen any time soon. Also, Yamada Takayuki will be in the second movie. I LIKE that guy a lot. He was probably the only reason worth watching MW for. Which I just realize also featured Yamamoto Yusuke a.k.a Tamaki-senpai from the upcoming live action series for Ouran Highschool Host Club. Trivia overload, damn it. Mah head!

Back at some point with more on this and here's a lovely poster for it.

Also, a link for the first movie's Asianmediawiki page: Gantz I


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