Sunday, June 26, 2011

Street View For South Korea

I've been wanting to find this for a while now. And thanks to lovely Nicole and her blog, I finally found it. Even more than I expected, actually. Daum Street View is not only very meticulously done, providing access even to smaller streets and alleys, but it's also for the entire South Korea, as far as I can tell. This puts Google Earth to shame, I tell ya.

Some general instructions, although this isn't hard to figure out, are provided by Nicole on her blog. But I couldn't find the street view button so here's a small tutorial.

And here's the link for Daum Street View.

So, click where I'm pointing to get into street view, at any given point on the map. The rest on this basic view is like Google Earth. Mouse wheel forward to zoom in, back to zoom out.


When you click on the Street View, all the available roads will become blue and a camera thingy will appear on the center of your screen. Grab and drag it to a street to go into street view.


  1. When on the street view, you can grab and scroll to "drag" the environment and see what you like.
  2. You can see the distance you're pointing at when you place the mouse on a part of the image. If you follow the line/road and double click on a part of it, you will shift to that point. Like in Google Earth.
  3. You can see the direction you're facing on that arrow near the Daum car.
  4. You can also see, on the bottom left, a map. Notice the whiter area in front of the camera thingy. That's the direction you're looking at now. It changes as you grab the picture and rotate it.
  5. While into this view, you can zoom in and out, again, using the mouse wheel or that bar on the upper right with the plus and minus on it.
  6. See that big X above it? On the far right? That's how you leave Street View and go back to the map.
  7. On the upper left corner of the view, you can see dates. I'm guessing that's when the data was received. You can choose any date available and see what the street looked like then.
  1. On the bar to the left, you can choose restaurants, churches etc and even google.. I mean do a Daum search on a street. In hangul, of course.
  2. If you do click on a restaurant search, i.e and don't know how to get back, here's how. Click on that option which is in a bold font and you get a scroll down menu. Click on the first option to return to the first menu.


There's a full screen option on the bottom right too. After you're in Street View, it will make things much nicer.

I might have missed something, but mess with it and figure it out. Or do ask. I might be able to help.

Are there any realizations I've made, while obsessing over virtual tourism? Well, for one thing, I want to visit South Korea even more now. I am also finding more and more in common with Greece and greeks. I was taking a look at Changwon. I thought that I might as well start with the place where one of my latest obsessions, Kang Dong Won, grew up. So much land, so many choices. This was the fastest and I had sufficient curiosity to start there. And honestly, take away the hangul signs and change the roof tiles to orange/red and you have a suburb of Athens.

Seoul seems a bit daunting at the moment and I've seen lots of it from movies and series, so I plan to focus on smaller areas first. It's gonna be a looong loooooooong loooooooooooooong time before I get there, so I might as well find some places of interest.

Virtual tourism sounds so hip but describe it as "Looking at some fake-live images of a place I'm too poor to get to and pretending I'm there" and it sounds just as pathetic as it is. However, no money, no honey. And no traveling. So, I'll just settle for this now. All of you who wish to go, but can't, can share my pain and share my links. Enjoy!
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