Friday, June 10, 2011

Pimp My Nails

Well, a lady's gotta try all the lady-like things once in a while. And if "lady-ness" is not your thing, these are still badass enough to live with. They were a gift from my lovely sister in law and it was the first time I've ever been to any kind of parlor other than a hair salon for a haircut and dye. It was a nice experience albeit a bit frightening with the big grind-the-top-of-your-nails-to-get-the-glue-to-stick wheel they have there. No pain, just kinda unnerving to look at until the fun stuff of building and fancying up the nails starts.

And they look natural because only the tip is already hardened when they add it. They then add the rest of it over your own nail in a paste/semi-liquid form and smooth it over the added part so it becomes one nice and natural-looking nail.


I also plan to paint them pastel pale pink. Yes, pink. Well, it's more white than pink, but still. PINK! Why? Cause it looked nice on Kim Ah Joong in That Fool and although I'll probably look like Miss Piggy compared to her, I don't give a damn cause I like looking at it.

What happens when these break? Well, they don't, since they're acrylic, but if they do I cut em and keep my own nails, take good care of em, paint em with the same nice pink and stop fussing about em. They're nails. As long as they're clean and nicely taken care of, they're good.

How easy it is to carry em around? Well, I did need my mom's help opening the mayonnaise and then the cap of my cellphone to connect it to the PC, but everything else is going ok. I'm even able to play Metro 2033 with em. I'm still alive and without scratches and they're still just fine. Would I do this again? If I were filthy rich, yes (these are costly). I do like them a lot and feel nice to see something feminine on me. Would I get em done this long? No way. It's like holding a hot potato when I handle things. But since this is a one time thing, I thought I'd enjoy it properly and asked for the regular length.

If you do have extra cash, I'd recommend it. Especially if you don't usually grow your own nails long. It's nice to look at and it's another expression of art. But unlike proper tattoos, you can get rid of these. Also, while you can't find all the patterns and designs you like in your clothing, anything can be drawn on the nails.

It's a lovely gift that I'll enjoy for as long as it lasts. ^^
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