Saturday, June 11, 2011

God's Quiz Season 2 Has Started!

Oh boy oh boy oh boy! *nerd senses overloading*

It has finally started today. Season 2 of God's Quiz. If you're new here, just click on the God's Quiz tag (any one of em) and you'll see what I've previously written about this.

As you know then, this has not been subbed yet. Season 1, that is. If you want it to be subbed and would be interested to see it, you can vote for it on, if you are registered. You can vote on the upcoming Season 2 being subbed and also for the entire series, on the thread I made. Voting on D-Addicts is also possible, so check the appropriate link bellow. Or just spread the word in your own way. Or do nothing and wait. Or ignore it completely. This ain't a chain letter. :P

For more on the series, see the sources bellow:

- God's Quiz Dramawiki Page

- God's Quiz Hancinema Page for Season 1
- God's Quiz Hancinema Page for Season 2

- D-Addicts - You can now vote there too.

- Voting page on
- Voting on DSS - Upcoming Drama Poll

I am spamming the internets with this as we speak. ^_^

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