Wednesday, June 8, 2011

God's Quiz and Fan Death

I never knew there was a phenomenon known as "Fan Death" until I watched this episode of God's Quiz and got curious. Apparently, there is a belief in S.Korea that sleeping with a fan on overnight in a closed space will kill you. There seem to be a number of theories about how that happens, as there have been plenty of mysterious deaths involving this, and also plenty of disbelief and alternative explanations.

Personally, while I don't doubt such a thing may contribute to someone's death with other factors, I don't believe the fan alone can cause death. I mean, can you die while sleeping with the fan on overnight? Apparently, yes. Can you die because of doing that? I'd think not without another cause. I mean, I've been sleeping like that for years, being a greek and all and I'm still here. Also, the fact that this is noticed only in S.Korea, if that is the case, enhances its urban legend qualities.

The series episode features a victim who dies under these circumstances and, of course, the royal lead nerd just had to test it on himself. The scene was featured after the very end of the episode and the preview of the next as a little extra tidbit. He drinks a not-so-healthy amount of soju before doing it so I'm guessing they are exploring if a fan can actually cause a rise in temperature in an already over-heated body. Whatever the case, he survives it, looking fabulous the next morning.

I just laughed so much when watching this. In the Korean dramas I usually watch, everyone somehow wakes up looking gorgeous, with perfect hair and make-up and without any bloating. Well, we all know people don't look or act like that when they wake up. Especially after a night of drinking. I do get that the actors can't look sleepy or bloated since they didn't really sleep, but the hair and make-up department can do wonders. So can the acting. The scene mentioned looks so real to me.

If you think you might be interested in this show, check my others posts for it (with the tags) and help us get it subbed, if you want. ^^

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