Thursday, June 30, 2011

Insert Songs from God's Quiz

It's a really painful thing to hear a song you love and then not being able to actually find it. I've had this in the past a lot and have even spent 6 hours a day for many days, trying to find a certain song.

To date, the only one not available anywhere is a song called "Driven to this" from the 2000 film The Watcher. That one does not seem to exist anywhere and was probably only made for the movie. Which is sad, but at least it's the only one I could never find. XD

So, as sad as it is to find such a song in a western production, imagine how annoying it is to find it in some relatively unpopular (at least with non-asian audiences) series and in a foreign language. This happened to me with God's Quiz and the songs cannot be found in the osts for the series, of course.

Oh, the hours I've spent googling "korean rock", listening to the songs in the episodes and trying to find the proper romanized version for what I heard and recognized, turning them into hangul and googling them, hoping to find the titles of the songs... But it paid off. I have now found all the 3 songs that I really liked. So, without further ado, here they are. ^^

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Street View For South Korea

I've been wanting to find this for a while now. And thanks to lovely Nicole and her blog, I finally found it. Even more than I expected, actually. Daum Street View is not only very meticulously done, providing access even to smaller streets and alleys, but it's also for the entire South Korea, as far as I can tell. This puts Google Earth to shame, I tell ya.

Some general instructions, although this isn't hard to figure out, are provided by Nicole on her blog. But I couldn't find the street view button so here's a small tutorial.

And here's the link for Daum Street View.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


A recipe for chocolate lava cookies. Soft brownie-like cookies with a gooey chocolate center. This is my mom's recipe which she made by mixing 2-3 others we found online, since none of them worked for us 100%.

Follow this to the letter cause unless you mess it up, there's no way these will fail. They've already gone through quality check by a few people and all of them loved these.

If you use the ingredients I name, these are also lactose free.

The goal originally was just to experiment, but then I got pissed at the failed recipes and got stubborn. So, my mother tweaked things a few times and it worked. But alas, I had turned into a cookie monster in the process...

God's Quiz Season 2 Has Started!

Oh boy oh boy oh boy! *nerd senses overloading*

It has finally started today. Season 2 of God's Quiz. If you're new here, just click on the God's Quiz tag (any one of em) and you'll see what I've previously written about this.

As you know then, this has not been subbed yet. Season 1, that is. If you want it to be subbed and would be interested to see it, you can vote for it on, if you are registered. You can vote on the upcoming Season 2 being subbed and also for the entire series, on the thread I made. Voting on D-Addicts is also possible, so check the appropriate link bellow. Or just spread the word in your own way. Or do nothing and wait. Or ignore it completely. This ain't a chain letter. :P

For more on the series, see the sources bellow:

- God's Quiz Dramawiki Page

- God's Quiz Hancinema Page for Season 1
- God's Quiz Hancinema Page for Season 2

- D-Addicts - You can now vote there too.

- Voting page on
- Voting on DSS - Upcoming Drama Poll

I am spamming the internets with this as we speak. ^_^

Friday, June 10, 2011

Pimp My Nails

Well, a lady's gotta try all the lady-like things once in a while. And if "lady-ness" is not your thing, these are still badass enough to live with. They were a gift from my lovely sister in law and it was the first time I've ever been to any kind of parlor other than a hair salon for a haircut and dye. It was a nice experience albeit a bit frightening with the big grind-the-top-of-your-nails-to-get-the-glue-to-stick wheel they have there. No pain, just kinda unnerving to look at until the fun stuff of building and fancying up the nails starts.

And they look natural because only the tip is already hardened when they add it. They then add the rest of it over your own nail in a paste/semi-liquid form and smooth it over the added part so it becomes one nice and natural-looking nail.


I also plan to paint them pastel pale pink. Yes, pink. Well, it's more white than pink, but still. PINK! Why? Cause it looked nice on Kim Ah Joong in That Fool and although I'll probably look like Miss Piggy compared to her, I don't give a damn cause I like looking at it.

What happens when these break? Well, they don't, since they're acrylic, but if they do I cut em and keep my own nails, take good care of em, paint em with the same nice pink and stop fussing about em. They're nails. As long as they're clean and nicely taken care of, they're good.

How easy it is to carry em around? Well, I did need my mom's help opening the mayonnaise and then the cap of my cellphone to connect it to the PC, but everything else is going ok. I'm even able to play Metro 2033 with em. I'm still alive and without scratches and they're still just fine. Would I do this again? If I were filthy rich, yes (these are costly). I do like them a lot and feel nice to see something feminine on me. Would I get em done this long? No way. It's like holding a hot potato when I handle things. But since this is a one time thing, I thought I'd enjoy it properly and asked for the regular length.

If you do have extra cash, I'd recommend it. Especially if you don't usually grow your own nails long. It's nice to look at and it's another expression of art. But unlike proper tattoos, you can get rid of these. Also, while you can't find all the patterns and designs you like in your clothing, anything can be drawn on the nails.

It's a lovely gift that I'll enjoy for as long as it lasts. ^^

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

God's Quiz and Fan Death

I never knew there was a phenomenon known as "Fan Death" until I watched this episode of God's Quiz and got curious. Apparently, there is a belief in S.Korea that sleeping with a fan on overnight in a closed space will kill you. There seem to be a number of theories about how that happens, as there have been plenty of mysterious deaths involving this, and also plenty of disbelief and alternative explanations.

Personally, while I don't doubt such a thing may contribute to someone's death with other factors, I don't believe the fan alone can cause death. I mean, can you die while sleeping with the fan on overnight? Apparently, yes. Can you die because of doing that? I'd think not without another cause. I mean, I've been sleeping like that for years, being a greek and all and I'm still here. Also, the fact that this is noticed only in S.Korea, if that is the case, enhances its urban legend qualities.

The series episode features a victim who dies under these circumstances and, of course, the royal lead nerd just had to test it on himself. The scene was featured after the very end of the episode and the preview of the next as a little extra tidbit. He drinks a not-so-healthy amount of soju before doing it so I'm guessing they are exploring if a fan can actually cause a rise in temperature in an already over-heated body. Whatever the case, he survives it, looking fabulous the next morning.

I just laughed so much when watching this. In the Korean dramas I usually watch, everyone somehow wakes up looking gorgeous, with perfect hair and make-up and without any bloating. Well, we all know people don't look or act like that when they wake up. Especially after a night of drinking. I do get that the actors can't look sleepy or bloated since they didn't really sleep, but the hair and make-up department can do wonders. So can the acting. The scene mentioned looks so real to me.

If you think you might be interested in this show, check my others posts for it (with the tags) and help us get it subbed, if you want. ^^

Friday, June 3, 2011

Initial Thoughts on "God's Quiz"

There are a lot of ways one can get acquainted to a work that might interest them. You might see a teaser. You might spot an actor you like. You might even just randomly pick something. And sometimes, it's the promotional work and image of the show that gets you. Especially if you are artistically inclined.

It was a bit of 2 of these, for me., which Graphics Team I was a member of by the way, has a poll going on at the moment. It's about kdrama that will be released and asks users to vote on which should be subbed by the community. God's Quiz Season 2 was one of those works. As I was scrolling down the list, I noticed Ryu Deok Hwan's name and picture. The "mini-cutie", as I call him. I also call him "little marvel" and "seed", but let's not get into that. I have to find a name for him that's not related to his height. Cause frankly, the kid rocks.

So, when I saw his name there, I got interested. I googled it, like a good little nerd, and I found the page for the series, where I saw the poster (click for full-size):

And that just got me. I loved the design of it. It just attracted me for some reason. So much that I made a banner for DSS about it, even though the show isn't out yet and it's not even decided if they will sub it. I tell ya, never googled so many medical certificates and autopsy reports before. It was unnervingly satisfying... Also, the result looks nice, if I may say so myself.

But anyway, I got interested in this series and decided to find subtitles for the first season, only to realize there aren't any. See, a medical/mystery/crime drama without any hot (by usual standards) male leads is just not the kind of thing that would get subbed. Why? No fangirls. No fangirls = Not many in the kdrama loving online community know or even care about it. And you certainly can't find many willing to sub it since there is no romance or comedy or hot guys having showers all the time. There is an english subbed DVD set out and I might buy that at some point. No cash for it now though. Also, I read in the descriptions, that there are errors in the english subs and for them to admit that, they must suck bigtime indeed. Still, I watched the first episode of the series, hoping to at least see what it's like. And here are my thoughts on it, based solely on the first episode, which I watched without subs and mind you, my Korean is not that good...

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