Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pre-summer Ramblings and What's To Come.

She is alive. Yes she is. She has just been busy.

I had projects to deal with and still have to finish them. One of the two hasn't even started. I am currently studying in a Japanese language course, which rocks, and have another 3 courses for the summer. So yes, I'm not going to have much of a vacation. At least the 3 courses are online and I don't have to drag my ass to school and get sunburned. I can just get on my gym bike and get my exercise in the comfort of my own home, with a fan close by.

So, a few news about what's to come here. I am currently at page 2 of my Duelist review. Duelist being the movie that is decorating my blog right now. The review will be about the same size as the other two... Ok, a bit bigger. Maybe around 7-8 pages, if I can control myself (the previous ones were 5-6). And will think about what to review next as well.

I will also have a post about my thoughts on this "he lost 6 kilos for the role" issue and general pressure and demand about image and role models in S. Korean entertainment. Somehow related to that, I will also speak my mind about the celebrity suicides in S. Korea and how even a thing such suicide is becoming a trend there. In short, lots of bashing for the industry and netizens coming up. All based on my own thoughts, very biased views and ethics, of course. Like everything else on my blog. I might even talk about the ridiculous issue of "skinship" in romantic Korean dramas, which have waaay too many other really inappropriate things to mind that. So, some "heavier" things in the near future, along with a post with much more cheerful ramblings and news bits of mine.

My mood? Stressed a bit for the summer courses, but happy we'll be a bit less financially screwed during the summer and fall to come. Generally cheerful. Finally healthy (not a good winter and spring for my health) and with lots of good series to watch during the summer. Also working more on Photoshop and fiddling with my blog. I have to go on a diet and work out more though. I think I started gaining weight again and I say "HELL NO" to that! Things are more or less going well though. Dis puppy can't complain. ^^

P.S: Now I have to make a post for the summer kdrama as well... Ok, lots of posts coming up. Depending on how difficult the 3 summer courses will be. XD

And just to torture some ladies who are glad I finally made a post NOT involving Kang Dong Won, here.

I dare you to click this, scaredy cats :P

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