Tuesday, April 26, 2011

안개/Angae (Mist) by Kang Dong Won

Or as one could otherwise call it, "The best korean musical accompaniment to slitting your wrists". This is not a song you'll listen to when you need a little emotional uplifting. Unless this guy's sadness makes you somehow feel better about your own problems. Some swing that way. Some also like to get utterly depressed and get to the lowest emotional pit they can so that they vent out all the anger/sadness and feel better. Some swing that way too. Like yours truly. So this one's good for those moments as well. It's "multiplayer" (for those who have seen Full House).

The song is featured in Lee Myung Se's movie, M and is sang by BoA in the original soundtrack for it. Of course, her version sounds like she is talking about her day shopping at the mall and in no way conveys the sadness, loneliness and desperation that the song should convey. Instead, it feels like good trailer music for the next Sex & The City movie. Or something equally shallow about unrealistically beautiful and rich women and their fancy and decadent lifestyle. I'm not dissing BoA or her music here, but this is just what popped into my mind when I heard it. I am dissing this song and this performance though. Definitely.

I've noticed this issue in many korean films and series where both the cast and professional singers do versions of songs. Somehow, I always like the versions of the actors more. Even if they are not professionals. I guess it's because the actual singers try to keep their own distinctive style in the song without, sometimes, caring much about what kind of a feeling the work and song demand. They are also not in touch with the character or story the song represents. An actor or actress who plays the character who is "singing" has a better insight of what he/she should be feeling and expressing. The actors are also more inclined to change their style to fit the needs of the song. They don't have their own music style or image as singers to worry about so no one could say "Ah.. This is not a Insert_Name song". I might be talking out of my asphalt here, but this is just the feeling I have gotten from the different versions of such songs.

Anyway, enough textual (almost wrote something naughtier here) ramblings and onto the song. Together come lyrics in hangul, romanized and translated (in the spoiler tag bellow the video). Well, sort of translated. Not the best job, but you get the point. It's a sad friggin' song. No need for perfect english. The video also has lyrics.

Lyrics Here

Now, if you will excuse me while I fangirl over this. And about M, a short review might come up in the near future. It's a weird movie so I'm not going to pretend I understood most of it or try to write about all that. I'll write what I think. Like I always do. Also, I happen to be in a very good mood tonig.. this morning, so no need to ask if something happened (because I mentioned the depressing nature of the song). ;) Do I need a reason to listen to this man's lovely voice? Most certainly not.

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