Thursday, February 24, 2011

Movie Review - Don't Believe Her/ Too Beautiful To Lie

* Title: Too Beautiful To Lie
* Revised Romanization: Geunyeoreul midji maseyo

* Hangul: 그녀를 믿지 마세요

* Director: Bae Hyeong Jun

* Runtime: 115 min.
* Language: Korean
* Country: South Korea
* Leads: Kim Ha Neul, Kang Dong Won


Too Beautiful To Lie begins by introducing the heroine of the story, Ju Yeong Ju. She is in prison for fraud and is up for parole. A parole she manages to get granted by totally deceiving the committee with her great "Drama Queen" acting skills. She is on her way to her sister's wedding when she meets Choi Hee Cheol on the train, after an awkward (mostly for him) situation. Hee Cheol is a small town pharmacist on his way to propose to his girlfriend, but he drops the ring under Yeong Ju's seat.

After making a scene by trying to retrieve it and being seen as a complete pervert nosing around between her legs, he gets targeted by a thief who swipes the ring from his pocket, without Hee Cheol even noticing. Yeong Ju witnesses that and is afraid she might be blamed for the robbery instead, which is bad, especially if you're out on parole and with a history of such crimes on your hide. She gets the ring back from the guy, but misses the train on which she has also left her bag with a gift for her sister's wedding. She sets out to find Hee Cheol to give him back the ring and get her bag.

When she gets to his town, she somehow finds herself lying to his family about being his fiancé after getting scared of being called a thief for having the ring. Meanwhile, Hee Cheol is at another town, oblivious about the situation back home and about to propose to his girlfriend with the ring he doesn't know he's lost.

You're doing it wrong
Is that how they treat a lady in Busan?!... I should visit sometime...

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Movie Review - Psychic a.k.a Haunters


* Title: Haunters
* Revised Romanization: Choneung Ryukja

* Hangul: 초능력자

* Director & Writer: Kim Min Suk

* Runtime: 114 min.
* Language: Korean
* Country: South Korea
* Leads: Kang Dong Won , Ko Soo




Haunters begins by showing us how the "Bad Guy", called Cho In (it means super-human, since we never learn his name), grew up to be the royal jerk that he is. He has the ability to control other's minds. A violent father and an unstable mother and childhood have caused him to resent people and wish for solitude. A wish which is enough to make him steaming mad when he realizes there's someone he can't control. Said someone being a poor and simple-minded "Good Guy", called Im Kyu Nam, who has just found his dream job at a pawn shop. Complete with a nice boss who happens to have a very hot Korean-American daughter. When Cho In decides to rob the pawn shop in order to make money for survival, things go South and very fast. Kyu Nam, immune to Cho In's powers, confronts him and the pawn shop boss is killed in the process. Thus starts the big chase and confrontation between the two, which escalates as the movie progresses.

This may look like bromance, but they really hate each other
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