Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"The Final Countdown"

A sick little poem I just wrote, inspired by a friend's post on facebook. He posted a verse of a poem based on the Agatha Christie book "And then there were none". So, numbers 9 to none are mine. ^^

Ten little Indian boys went out to dine; One choked his little self and then there were nine.

There on the sidewalk were nine little girls. Wearing pink dresses and covered in pearls. Keen little Suzy just couldn't wait. A car ran her over and then there were eight.

Eight little boys went out for a swim. The youngest, the sweetest was poor little Tim. The waves were too strong, they took him to Heaven. The others were sad and now there were seven.

Seven repairmen, the fattest named Peter who just got a job of fixing a heater. Quite nothin' to it, the easiest fix. Boom went the heater and then there were six.

Six happy pensioners went to a farm. None could imagine there'd be any harm. Old man Ignatius saw bees and a hive. He was allergic... and then there were five....

Five little rascals discovered a dog. Bob thought he'd hurt it, he picked up a log. "Come guys! It's easy! Let's poke it some more!". We all know what happened... and then there were four.

Four young male morons went out on a walk. Laughing and walking while having a talk. Jimmy was bored, he climbed on a tree. That was a power pole... then there were three.

Three hardcore surfers left on the mark. One of them, Kyle, was smelled by a shark. "I'll just play dead" he thought "That's what I'll do". Kyle was an idiot... then there were two.

Mark and Barbara finally wed. He bought her a house and even a shed. But Barbie just wasn't so innocent, it seems. Fooling her husbands was part of her schemes. She went to the kitchen and picked up a knife. Mark on the bed, expecting his wife. "Barbara, you're joking. This just can't be true! You said that you love me and I'm the one for you!". "Poor poor Mark, you trusted me so. Trust won't pay bills though, that we all know". She raised the knife high saying "Goodbye, my hon.". The knife descended... and then there was one...

Barbara smiled. Mark was no more. His blood all over, flooding the floor. Everything red. My, what a mess. Barbara needed another clean dress. She passed by the stairs. She started to run. She slipped on the blood.. and then there were none.
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