Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rapture Share

So, here's the first work I'm posting, although it's quite a recent one. The story behind this is the following:

I was talking with my friend Nick in Windows Live Messenger about Bioshock 2. At some point, he expressed a wish that the game would feature music from the 60's as well, since the game is set 10 years after the original. At that point I ask him "And how will the splicers (crazy humans/enemies) get the latest music down there?" to which he replied "Rapidshare?". I added the "Rapture Share" twist to that, "Rapture" being the name of the underwater city in the games. So eventually, I decided to make a poster out of it. I do love retro art so I drew in the same style as best I could. The arrow behind "Rapture Share" is actually in the Rapid Share logo

I used Photoshop to design most of it and then traced it with Illustrator. I'm pretty new to Illustrator so I wasn't comfortable enough with it to start from scratch using it. The texture isn't vector based, so I couldn't make it too big. I would love to have it printed in poster size sometime and find out if it would look good though (I have a pdf version that's bigger than this jpeg mini version). I made a blue version too so I might post that later on.

Rapture Share
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