Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Memoirs of a Vasia

I'm not feeling too well today, so if you're reading these instead of hearing me talk about them, I didn't make it (to school). Or... you know, you're not my classmates... Ahem...

I chose to use the same theme for this blog that I used in my static web page because I like it very much and would like to have it somewhere where more people will see it. I did change a few things, but the idea is the same. I also contemplated having a black background instead of the pink gradient. I might try it out and see, although I like the pink one. It's a bit like sky in the morning. You know, it's brighter on the horizon as the sun rises and darker above.

I like the sakura tree because of what it symbolizes. A lot like life, it doesn't last long, but it's beautiful. It's also full of bugs, so how you look at it depends on what kind of a person you are and what kind of mood you're in, I guess. ^^ As for the style of the theme and all that pink (yes, lots of pink, I know), the first song on my playlist right there ------> kind of sets the mood for it. It's a bit retro (tried to slightly go for a painting or old photo look) and full of fluff. What can I say, I've been watching lots of romantic kdramas lately.

Now, it may look nice, but it has secrets.. Dark secrets... See, I used this template called "Touch of Purple" (credited bellow) for the structure of my theme, but the code it had under the CSS had some tags that I hadn't seen before. Later I found out that it's Blogger's own widget tags and whatnot, but I barely got the CSS done so no time to study that (it seems like it would take ages anyway). So, messing with the CSS to make the page look good, but not touching the code itself gives us about 443 errors in the validator. Ouch... I honestly don't know what the majority of them mean and I'm sure they do cause some problems, but the site looks good, works good and I can find it on google using my name so, for now, that's all I care about. I would love to understand all about the code and have a clean page with no errors, but since I can't do that with my skills at this point, I can at least fiddle with the look and get familiar with the code little by little. You live, you learn.

One last thing would be the whole portfolio business. As you can see in the post bellow, I already started posting stuff I've done. I plan, however, to take it slow and post a little at a time so that my friends can have time to visit the blog and see them without getting a flood of new posts. One every 3-4 days should do the trick for now. I don't have a lot anyways.

Now here's where my classmates and friends can be useful. Assuming you haven't fallen asleep and are drooling on your keyboard by now. What do you think of my theme? What do you like and what don't you like? Can you find your way around easily? Are the texts clear enough and the colors not blinding? Staring at it for hours at a time might have rendered me numb to any visual problems it may suffer from. And most importantly, how does it make you feel? Do you like being on this page? Does it give you a relaxed and fluffy feeling? Also - and this goes to the guys - is it insufferably pink and feminine or can you stand being on this page long enough to see my posts? XD Sorry guys, for not making this a bit more testosterone-friendly. My previous theme was a black Blogger one with a Silent Hill banner though, so you had your turn. :P

Thanks for listening, chiiildren..err... I mean.... Too much Fallout 3 will do that to you. What I meant to say is thanks for viewing my blog and going through the trouble (if you did) to comment. If you didn't though, s'okay. At least you visited it. ^^

Jiminy Jehoshaphat! This is one mother of a post! Sowwy...
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