Thursday, August 7, 2008

Back in business!!!

It's soooo good to have my PC back! My bro also gave me 256 extra RAM as a present and now it's working even better! I finally got back to my anime series and files!

Twas a hard month... I played so much GTA4 and Alone in the Dark that I was suffering from side effects... For example, I started looking at pedestrians thinking who has the best clothing which would mean he'd drop more money if I clocked him one! Ha ha!

And I was thinking today, as I was walking there, that the local mall's main hall would be great for a huge monster boss to appear...

Anyways, good to be back. I've been watching One Piece like crazy as usual. Am now at episode 157... The Skypiea Arc!!!

Also discovered a kick ass new series called "Pushing Daisies"!!! It's funny and romantic as hell, as well as macabre! Combines all the things I love! Here's a little promo!

So, as I started searching for other works by Lee Pace(lead guy of Pushing Daisies)like a good romantic young lady would do, I got a glimpse of three of his movies which seem really interesting. I watched "Miss Pettigrew lives for a day" yesterday. It was a really good movie. Romantic and funny. What was amusing as well was that there were only TWO men in the theater and only because their girlfriends had dragged them along! Ha ha ha! Anyway.

The second movie is a thriller called "Possession" staring Sarah Michelle Gellar. It's a remake of a Korean movie called Jungdok. There seem to be a few differences though. That can be either good or bad. The trailer looks awesome anyway...

Also an interesting movie (especially visually) is "The Fall" by Tarsem. The man who directed the famous "Losing my religion" video by REM and also the movie "The Cell". Which I really liked mainly cause of the visuals and D'Onofrio of course. Respect to the man! "The Fall" was shot in 18 countries including Czech Republic's Prague...Soooo jealouuus!!! Well, the movie is looking very stunning and I just hope it's got a nice story to tell as well. And that it tells it so that people will understand it. I've been reading good reviews though.. The movie is yet to be released for a wider audience but apparently, some have already seen it in festivals and such...

I also watched "The Dark Knight". I really didn't like the first Nolan movie with the evil ninjas (good God, they turned it into Naruto!) but this second one made up for any mistakes! Great movie, great cast with the exceptional late Ledger as the Joker, good story nicely told! The only annoying thing was Batman's voice that sounded like a pimp with a cold...Lol.

Siis, ei paljoa muuta kuin uusi sarja ja vähän leffoihin käymistä. On ollut kovin tylsää olla kotona ja päätin pitää hauskaa. On vielä muutama leffa jäljellä. "Get Smart" sekä "Hellboy 2" (respeeeect!) ovat tulossa! Hee hee hee.

Nyt vain odotellaan sopivia kurssejä. Piirrustus sekä ohjelmoinnin kurssi olisi hyödyllistä. Pitää valmistautua vähän seuraavan kerran vuoksi :D
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