Monday, June 23, 2008

XBOX 360 Paradise!

I'll write in english this time. My friends complain about not understanding my blog. Ha ha.

Well, I've been quite "busy" with my Xbox 360. Awesome console! Had some troubles with it's connectivity to my PC (still have em, damn F-Secure) and I did try a bunch of stuff out, but nothing worked. Still, it's not a feature I need that much since I can view my stuff through my DVD player. Just gotta burn them in a DVD-RW I have.

I've been having so much fun with the online feature. My good friend Nick offered his guidance and help as we played through "Gears of War". Basicaly, I let him walk to the front and if anything attacked him, I hid... Ha ha ha!!! Same "technique" I use with the "Bad Company" demo.

On single player, I've had fun with GTA4 which is an extremely fun game. Haven't made much progress there as I always find myself just driving around listening to radio Vladivostok or watching tv in Roman's apartment. Ha ha! It's a nice plus for me that it's got so much russian in it. Especially through the radio. As many know, I studied finnish language for 2 years and always had lots of people who spoke russian around. I had gotten quite used to it and I missed it. Well, listening to it everyday for 2 years kinda gets to you! Ha ha! So now, whenever I miss hearing it, I just turn on the radio in GTA4!

Also played through the "Bioshock" demo. That game is stunning!!! So beautiful, interesting and scary too! And yours truly chose to play it at night! Ha! It goes without saying, I turned off the console after the first big fright which was basicaly when I went in the dark building and then tried to leave to find a light switch as it was pitch black, only to have the door close by itself before I could get out! Creeeeepyyyyyy!!!

Now, I have yet another creepy game I'm gonna enjoy! Alone in the Dark!!! I had ordered it and been waiting like mad for it! And today, I got it! It's the Limited Edition so I got the cool figurine and everything.

I'll let you know how it goes!
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