Monday, May 5, 2008

Spring!!!!( not all happy though)

Kevät on tullut!!! Tänään on sateista ja puissa on jo lehtiä!!! Ihanaaaaa päivää!!! Jospa vain ei olisi tietokoneessa vika!!Grrrr!!

Lovely day today. It's dark and raining and I just noticed that the trees have some leafs. Spring's here! My damn computer is acting up though... I've been trying to use Dreamweaver and play with the page settings and all but my darn browsers give me errors. Also, my PC goes bananas without warning and the tower makes a noise like it's gonna lift off!!! Anyways, I'll try and mess with Dreamweaver a little more and then give GoLive a try. I just hope the Pc lasts a little while longer cause if it loses it, I'm clucked...No way I can fix it this month...Don't you just hate these things sometimes?

At least I cleaned the house, did the laundry and have food for at least until the end of the week. Less to worry about.

Also, I need to order my niece's gift soon. She's gonna be 1 on May 18th! Our Senja!
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