Thursday, May 1, 2008

Ah, the movies...

Well, it's Vappu today, meaning the first of May. Finns fancy this holiday quite much. Lots of beer and joy. You know, finns remind me of greeks in that sense... We have each holiday as an excuse to eat ourselves sick and they have it as an excuse to drink themselves sensless. No wonder I like them! Ha ha! I do wish some of them would drink less though. Drinking to the point of becoming tipsy and a bit more joyful is nice but to get completely hammered and act like an idiot isn't my idea of fun. Most of them are cool though. Nice people.

Well, I didn't do much today besides clean a bit and do the laundry. I did watch a very good movie though. That was the best part of the day!

I miss going to the movies..I should get again sometime soon. I'm definitely going in June. "The Happening" is coming out! Looks creepy and it's by Shyamalan. Love all his movies except "Unbreakable". Don't like Wahlberg much but I still think I'll like it. Plus, Johnny boy is playing too. Funny guy, Leguizamo.

I watched "P.S: I Love You" today. Cryed my friggin' eyes out. Really liked that movie! A sad and yet hopeful chick flick. It's so funny.. I don't usually like watching romantic stuff. More into horror movies and such, but since my mom went to Greece for the summer (she LOVES romantic movies) that's all I keep watching! Romantic and family movies! Ha ha ha! ME! Watching romantic and family movies WILLINGLY!! Kinda like it though.. I'm getting soft.. Need a good "Event Horizon" or "Silent Hill" to get me back on track...

Here's the trailer for "P.S I Love You" though... They had a nice joke about Finland too. Apparently, they have a princess here! Ha ha ha! I mean, who in America would doubt it if they introduce someone as the Princess of Finland? How are they supposed to know they don't have one? Ha ha!

Man, I'm not watching this movie alone again...
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