Tuesday, April 29, 2008

по-английски which means "in english" in russian....i'm nuts, i know...

Saturday was nice. Me and some old classmates met at one's house and we had a blast! The lady has 4 children of which 3 are little bundles of energy! They were running and screaming and laughing and bumping into each other all the time. And we're talking 3-4 hours! I just love that family! I had a nice talk with everyone there. They all seem to be at a nice place right now and even though it's tiring, they can't complain. It was quite a funny scene actually. A Chinese family, a girl from Belgium, one from Greece, one from Ukraine and one Russian all together gossiping and chatting in Finnish! Ha ha! Kind of a surreal situation.

If any of you visit Tampere, be sure to visit Shanghai Ren Jia. The best Chinese food (and real Chinese food) I've ever had. My friend's husband owns it so it's my duty to advertise a bit and I'm only happy to, since it's such a great place.

Sunday wasn't that great. I had to scan my PC and burn everything on DVDs cause it's been making weird noises lately.
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